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Anchor Section

3rd Yeovil Boys' Brigade

The Anchor Section meet on Tuesday evenings at Preston Road Methodist Church (Yeovil) from 6.15pm - 7.15pm.

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See below for more details of sessions, costs, uniform, behaviour and safety.

This is our group for ages 6-8 (school years 2 - 3)!

Activities include many different fun activities including games, songs, crafts and stories.  Activities are led by leaders who are members of the church and fully CRB checked and trained.
Boys and thier families are also welcome to join our services at Preston Road Church on Sunday Mornings from 10.30 - 11.30am.

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The cost for Anchor Boys is 1 per boy, per week.

Please note that payment is required for all weeks, since we still need to pay for overheads, such as insurance, heating and lighting etc.

If money is a problem, please let us know as we do not wish for finance to be a block to your son's participation in the BB.  We will keep this confidential .

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3rd Yeovil Boys' Brigade will loan the items in italics free of charge.  Items in bold need to provided.

Anchor Boys wear a Red Boys' Brigade sweatshirt, a red t-shirt underneath (without a collar) and smart plain grey or black trousers and smart shoes (school shoes are fine).

An arm band is also worn on the right arm above the elbow with the following on it:

- awards for achievement and service.
- a tape saying "3rd Yeovil" worn at the top.

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It is important that parents and guardians stress the importance of good behaviour on their boys.  In fairness to everyone, it is important that a basic level of respect and discipline is shown.

At the 3rd Yeovil Boys' Brigade, we reward positive behavior mainly by verbally praising instances of good behaviour, particularly when a boy has managed to alter poor behaviour.

In the event of extreme poor behaviour, a boy's parents or guardians may be asked to take them home.

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Safety is considered to be a high priority.  The buildings and activities have been checked for safety before the boys participate in them and leaders have a good knowledge of first aid.

Parents and Guardians will fill in consent forms providing details of any special medical requirements and this information will be treated confidentially and with sensitivity.

Child Protection is important and in line with the policies of the Boys' Brigade, The Methodist Church and Preston Road Church, all staff and officers have the relevant safeguarding checks.  The Church's Child Protection guidelines, which we follow may be viewed upon request.

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By promoting regular attendance at BB and letting us know if your son will not be able to attend on a Tuesday evening.

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